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Hydrophober Effekt on Snowboards

Burton Super Hero 2013
Burton Bullet 2013
PET vom Baumarkt


Vergleich von Base-Material


Gesinterte Base
Robust und extrem porös mit zusätzlicher Widerstandsfähigkeit und erstklassiger Wachsabsorption für noch bessere Gleitfähigkeit.


However, instead of melting the pellets, the pellets are forced together under extremely high pressure. The result is a single piece of connected pellets with tiny pores across the entire length. Sintered bases are ideal for wax because the pores between the pressure-fused pellets hold the wax in place and help it stick to the base of the snowboard. When waxed regularly, sintered bases are much faster than extruded bases


Base at Voelkl

Extruded (cheaper) and Sintered (more expensive). Beyond this companies have been known to add other things to the p-tex in order to increase speed.


fluorocarbons (a speed additive usually found in ski racing wax) or graphite

intered Bases

Sintered bases are made up of tiny ground up pellets of p-tex and then crushing them back together under high temperatures. This process creates a much stronger molecular mass and will absorb wax and bond better to new p-tex for repairs. The p-tex in both extruded and sintered forms can be combined with fluorocarbons (a speed additive usually found in ski racing wax) or graphite. With graphite bases the mineral is mixed with the pellets of p-tex before the crushing process. Graphite will increase the overall strength of the base and decreases the friction. Graphite Bases are not often found in snowboards both because of their high price and they only come in black, which limits the base graphic branding potential.

More interesssting
urton uses a base material made of Teflon (PTFE, Polytetrafluroethylene) for their highest end boards but this is probably just a marketing gimmick.

This material is considered comparable to p-tex though p-tex has a higher resistance to wear than Teflon.

Oddly enough Teflon is the only surface geckos cannot stick to (If only we had ski slopes made of geckos).

To me that would make p-tex a better choice over Teflon, but who knows, with the right marketing strategy anything is possible.


3 bases to compare
Waxed base
Base (sinterd)


On PTE water runs off


On sintered Base from Burton Hero after one season
It glues a little, and then it runs down slowly


On the waxec base of the bullet
It runs down

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