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In Australien, für AUD 220 Dollar, 2015-08-08

Uno Italia UNO24 Swiss Collection Single Hand Watch G3746-24SSGR RRP $950
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RRP $950 Uno Italia UNO24 Swiss Collection Single Hand Watch

Modern, cutting edge and a talking point, this is definitely not your Dad`s watch! The UNO 24 single hand watch gives the wearer the chance to experience time in a much more conscious manner. The dial shows the entire day with the single hand completing one full rotation every 24 hours.

The time of day is indicated by an individual position of the precise hand. Subtle yellow lines mark the point of transition from night to morning, morning to afternoon, afternoon to evening and one day to the next.

The scaling on the dial means that the time of day is shown with an accuracy of approximately five minutes. A simple and yet precise day at a glance.

Brand: Uno Italia
Model: G3746-24SSGR
Collection: Uno24 Swiss
Case Diameter: 42mm (excluding the crown)
Material: Stainless steel (high grade 304) case and buckle with genuine leatehr strap
Movement: Swiss RONDA 515.24H FE
Inclusions: Uno Italia watch, International warranty card and watch box

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