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High voltage apparatus for generating a substantially well-collimated beam of charged particles
1955 US 2714679 A
Erfinder Buechner William W, De Graaff Robert J Van

Erzeugen eines Ladungsträger-Strahls, Beschleunigung von geladenen Teilchen
The source of charged particles is the cathode 3.

->Feldemission durch hohe Spannung auf kurzem Abstand zwischen Anode und Kathode

The hydrogen ions issue downwardly through the central openings in the metal plates 11 and 10 to produce the desired initial beam of positive ions.
The hydrogen gas, after use, is discharge mainly through the said pipe 16.

By reversal of polarity in the apparatus shown in Fig. 2 either negative electrons or positive ions may be emitted. The said beam or stream of charged swift particles (electrons or positive ions)
Fig. 2 shows a vacuum tube wall 9 rial coated on the inside surface with a material of suitable conductivity, as indicated at 90. At the upper end of wall 19 are three spaced metal plates 10, 11, 12, the plates 10, 11 each having a central opening downwardly through which passes the beam or stream of charged swift particles. Between the plates 11, 12, entering at opposite sides through an annular glass wall, are the hot cathode 13 for emitting electrons and the anode 14.
of insulating mate- Hydrogen gas under pressure on the order of 10* mm.
is admitted through the small pipe 15. The cathode 13 and the anode 14 are connected, as indicated, to a bat tery or generator, or other source of current, providing about 300 volts
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1966 Thermionic converters Umwandlung Wärme in Strom
Hochspannungsquelle mit Schaltungskaskaden
1955 Erzeugen eines Strahls mit Geladenen Teilchen durch Hochspannung
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