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Atomic level ion source and method of manufacture and operation
Erfinder : Billy Ward
Firma: Alis Technology Corporation

Inhalt: herstellen einer sehr genauen Ionenquelle

Ion source and method of making and sharpening. The ion source is a single crystal metal conductor having a substantially conical tip portion with substantial rotational symmetry. The tip portion terminates with a tip radius of curvature in the range of 50–100 nanometers. The ion source is made by electrochemical etching so that a conical tip of a selected geometry is formed. The ion source is then sharpened to provide a source of ions from a volume near the size of a single atom. Further, this ion source makes possible a stable and practical light ion microscope which will have higher resolution than existing scanning electron microscopes and scanning metal-ion microscopes.

Zur Herstellung von Ionen auf atomarer Ebene

This invention relates to an ion source and more particularly to an atomic level ion source (ALIS) generating ions from a volume near the size of a single atom. The source of the invention can be used as
the particle source in a charged particle microscope.
Partikel auf Van De Graaff Generator
1967 Mikrowellen-Plasma Ionenquelle Hitachi
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