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1973 Multi-ampere duopigatron ion source
US 3740554 A

Inhalt: Erzeugung eines Ionenstrahls mit hoher Ionendichte

A duoplasmatron ion source is modified to provide a large plasma surface with a uniform density at a target cathode.
The target cathode and the acceleration and deceleration electrodes are gridded or multi-apertured and are spaced in close proximity each to the others with the apertures being in alignment.
With such an arrangement, it is possible to extract multi-ampere bright ion beams at energies of tens of KeV.
Conversion of the ion beam to a neutral particle beam can be readily accomplished by addition of a gas cell.
Von: Morgan O, Atomic Energy Commission

2. Referenz zu Tabellen Der Elektronen Ionenphysik and Ubergikroskopie by M. Von Ardenne, (VEB Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, Berlin, 1956)
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