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Lithium Ionen Quelle
Versuch Lithium plus Wasserstoff Fusion
Für Fusionen in 1968
Erfinder: Hisch
Patent 2533910
A spherical cathode permeable to charged particle flow. The cathode is hollow and defines a volume centrally located with respect to both the anode and the cathode. This volume is free of tangible structure. A fusion-reac tive gas contained within the volume includes ions of lithium and hydrogen or hydrogen isotopes. A plurality of ion-producing devices are mounted on the exterior of the anode and are spherically spaced and diametrically aligned in pairs for injecting hydrogen (or isotopes there of) ions, at fusion-reactive energies, toward the center of the cathode. Additionally, there are generalized, Spheri cally spread sources of lithium ions about the anode such that ions emanating therefrom may be accelerated toward the center and become a part of the aforementioned fusion-reactive gas. All of the ions are focused toward the center such that upon achieving a high enough density at the center, fusion reactions will be produced between the lithium and hydrogen (or isotopes) ions.
Lithium Ion Source in Apparatus for Generation Fusion Reactions

Lithium und Deuterium werden in einem Punkt 9 zusammen geschossen.
Über 72 wird
Lithium Ionen Reaktor Hirsch 1968
Fusion und Plasma Aufbau bei TAE
Hochspannung: Van-de-Graaff Beschleuniger
Gleichspannungsgenerator für Teilchenbeschleunigung
Fusor Farnsworth-Hisch