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15KV Hochspannungsgenerator Aufwärts-Wechselrichter-Zündspulenmodul DC 5V-1 XB

Input voltage: 5V~12V
Input current: 0.2A~0.5A
Output voltage:  2,5kV AC-7,5kV AC
DC   5KV~15KV
Preis: EUR 7,51



Voltage within 9V can work for a long time continuous arcing for 1 day.
When the voltage is longer than 9V, it is necessary to add heat to the fan.
5 ~ 12V power supply, available 2-3 18650 battery series power supply, or ordinary router power supply or 9V/12V power supply.
Power must be supplied within the nominal voltage range for proper operation! If the voltage is too low, the module will undervoltage and stop working. Never reverse, overpressure, otherwise it will damage the module or even cause the capacitor to explode!
This product poses a certain risk to non-professionals and must be operated in strict accordance with the electrical specifications!
Note: This product is a semi-finished product without a shell. It is recommended that it be potted with paraffin or epoxy to improve durability.
Specifications and parameters:
Input voltage: 5V~12V
Input current: 0.2A~0.5A
Output voltage: 5KV~15KV
Pulse capacitance: default 1000pF ( buyer can choice 100pF)
Pulse frequency: 3~20 times/second
Arc distance: 1cm~1.5cm
Arc characteristics: white, low temperature 24 hours continuous arc, short / no load can be, high efficiency and low heat circuit design, no radiator!
(If the voltage is not enough, up to 4 modules can be connected in parallel, the output terminals can be connected in series, and the arc can be increased by 4 times) 
Package Included:
1 x Boost Coil Module   
Glasrohre 12mm für Reaktor
Querschnitt durch einen Hochspannugstrafo 15kv
Was ist in einem Hochspannungstrafo drin?
Umwandeln Arduino 3,3 Volt Ausgang auf MosFET 5,5 Volt
PWM-Pulsfrequenz-Duty-Cycle-Einstellmodul des Signalgenerators LCD-Anzeige