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Intro & Overview of Venture For ClimateTech




Venture3 For ClimateTech : Infro & Over




Overarching Recruitment Timeline


Feb. 22nd-March 31st

Innovation Challenge

March 12th Applications close

March 19th -31th Bootcamp selection

April 5th – 9th Bootcamp

April 14th -15th Cohort selections

April 22nd Cohort announcement at NREL -IGF

April 26th Cohort 1.Kickof


High Level Program Overview


Recruit high impact founders innovations

Phase 1 Studio: 10 teams, customer discovery market opportunity pitches to advance

Phase 2: Up to 10 teams, $25k non-dilutive funding, investor pitches to advance.

Company formation if not already in place

Phase 3: up to 10 teams, $100k pool of funds to support teams

Opportunities for a part of $250k in follow-on funding








For Climat Tech Global Challenge

February 22nd-March 31th 2021



Challenge Overview


The Challenge aims to rally innovators towards building a global movement to develop the impactful solutions in climate tech.

The callenge looks to help early-stage climat tech innovators to connect to funding, resources, a larger ecosystem


Participants Incentives

Finalist: Growth Supprot: Access to V4C Bootcamp

Challenge winners:

Funding $10.000 cash prize per Challenge winner


Bootcamp For ClimateTech

April 5th-April 9th



The Bootcamp will be a one week intensive bootcamp aimed at introcucion teams to a number of the fundamental buildings blocks of startup curriculum.

The bootcamp will:

Provide value to startups

Connect canditates fo our community

Allow us to assess coachability an fit


5 Minute Pitches





An overview of Venture For ClimateTech, its benefits, and how to apply with Managing Director, Jacqueline Ros Amable.

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