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Rotary piston engine
US 6868822 B1

Angelo Di Pietro 1999

A non-reciprocating engine comprising a hollow cylindrical shaft driver (13) located in a cylindrical stator cavity (14) of a stator. A number of expansion chambers (43) form between the outer wall of the shaft driver, the stator wall and movable dividers (25) which extend from the stator to bear on the shaft driver. The expansion chambers expand and contract during operation of the engine. An output shaft passes centrally through the stator cavity and shaft driver and has offset bearings (34) which bear on the inside surface of the shaft driver. Inlet ports in a removable inlet end plate of the stator allow pressurised air or air/fuel mixture, for example, to be introduced into the expansion chambers. Sequential expansion and contraction of the chambers around the circumference of the shaft driver causes a combination of orbital and rotational movement of the shaft driver and consequential rotation of the output shaft. The shaft driver rotates at only a fraction of the speed of rotation of the output shaft (in the order of

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Rotary-piston engine and vehicle comprising an engine of this type
US 7469673 B2

A rotary-piston engine includes at least two rotary pistons, which are located in an essentially spherical housing and which rotate in common about a rotational axis running through the center of the housing, each of the rotary pistons comprising two pistons that are interconnected in a fixed manner, lie diametrically opposite the center of the housing and execute pivoting displacements back an

Arnold Wagner 204
Peraves Ag

Rotary piston engine mounted in air based vehicle, has lock element engaged with pistonspace, to unblock piston path, so that combustion chamber is opened and separating element is rotated and moved topiston path at passing position
DE 102013103752 B3

The rotary piston engine has piston space (4) that is engaged with movably mounted lock element (24) so that lock element is adjusted between the closing position and passing position. The lock elements blocks piston path along the rotational direction of the rotary piston (8) of the lock element and closes separating element (14) of the piston space of the combustion chambers (12) at closing position. The lock element unblocks piston path, so that closed combustion chamber is opened and separating element is rotated and moved to the piston path at passing position

Josef Ascher 2013

Improvement in rotary steam-engines
US 50759 A

George Westinghouse 1865

Rotary piston engine
EP 1722068 A1

Klaus Herrmann 2005
Rotary piston engine (33) has two rotators (2,2a), in which 9-12 double actingrotary pistons (1,1a) are supported by fulcrum pins (3). The rotators form a hollow-shaped cylinder space with the housing (22) and a second gas-tight working chamber (4) in the two rotators for the rotary piston. The rotor rotates with theengine shaft (14) to the right, the rotor rotates with the engine shaft (14a) to the left and in such a way forms a flow direction for the working medium. By the displacement of the engine shafts, the rotators form working and pressure chambers (10) and the expansion chamber (20) with the rotary pistons. The upperpiston working surface forms a tangent to the rotators. Additionally the double acting rotary pistons are suspended by a stopper (7) and strengthen with a heat-proof material plate (5,6).

Rotary piston engine
US 7591129 B2

Kenneth Erwin Worrell 2005
A rotary piston engine having a housing defining an un-obstructed circular toroidal chamber, a toroidal segment piston in said chamber, a detonation chamber having an outlet substantially tangential to the outer diameter of said toroidal chamber wherein said piston is driven in a continuous circular orbit by energy derived from pulse-detonation generated shock wave and pulse-jet gas flow

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DE 102010006466 A1

Peter 89537 Hruschka 2010
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The invention relates to a rotary piston engine comprising a compressor stage and an expansion stage with a rotating working piston for compression and expansion of a working gas. To provide a rotary engine that is still shorter gas path allows as a conventional rotary engine, according to the invention provided that the working piston of the compression stage and said expansion stage in the axial direction are arranged one behind the other, preferably are rotatable about a common axis of rotation.

Rotary radial-piston machine
US 3144007 A

Eugen Kauertz 1960

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Rotary piston internal combustion engine
US 20110297117 A1

Heinz-Gustav A. Reisser 2005
An internal combustion engine, and more particularly a rotary internal combustionengine, is provided with said engine having multiple combustion chambers delimited by piston heads and an engine housing wall that defines at least a section of a torus. Additionally, a method for operating the internal combustionengine is described.

Rotary piston engine i.e. two-stroke engine, for car for transportation of passenger, has channel provided with connecting piece for supplying gases in cabinet to supply air under high pressure, and chamber provided with injection apparatus
DE 102009060108 A1

Semen Bakal, Grini Miskalov 2009

Fuel rotary piston engine, particularly for propulsion of motor vehicles, comprises closed cylindrical hollow chamber, which is formed from stator, cladding segments, valve segments with combustion chambers, and sprung front plates
DE 102010019555 A1

Garri Alexandrow 2010

Rotary piston internal-combustion engine
EP 0187165 A1

Georgios Dipl.-Ing. Kypreos-Pantazis 1983
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The invention relates to an internal combustion engine with rotating pistons TMotor Satell i (a, b, c, d). The pistons are rigidly connected to an output shaft (4) and running in an annular cylinder (1a, 1b) to form a Kreistoroids. The cylinders are at least two diametrically opposite points in each case assigned to a partition wall (7) which are movable between a position in the cylinder and a position outside of the cylinder. In the position in the cylinder to divide the cylinder into at least two spaces while allowing the position outside the cylinder in the passage of the piston. The area of ​​each partition an inlet valve (9), an outlet valve (10) and a spark plug (11) are arranged as well as a compression chamber (5), entering the at a location upstream of the associated septum compressed combustion-air mixture, and at a position downstream of the dividing wall can be removed and re-enter the cylinder to be burned.

Rotary piston power converting devices
US 4109618 A

Leslie E. Daniels 1977
This invention provides a power converting device capable of use as a pump and as a motor. The device includes a rotor shaped like a disc and secured to a shaft about which it rotates. Provided in the rotor are a plurality of piston chambers extending from the outer circumferential surface inwardly at an angle to a radiant from the axis. Each of the chambers opens through both side walls of the rotor, and each contains a piston

Rotary piston internal combustion engine
EP 0223798 B1


Heinrich Stallkamp,Günter Osterburg


Motos Motor-Technik Gmbh

ZUSAMMENFASSUNG (Text aus WO1986006791A1)
A rotary piston internal combustion engine with two counter-rotating pistons (14, 15) located on the same axis and engaging with one another. One of the pistons acts as a compression or charging piston and the other as an expansion or propulsion piston. The design is aimed at providing a favourable co-ordination between the charging piston and the propulsion piston with the operating chamber of the propulsion piston being several times that of the charging piston, and is such that the two rotary pistons, whilst maintaining conjugate peripheral angles of approximately 360o, possess different peripheral lengths which leave in the rotarypiston paths

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DE 202010001907 U1

Tevkür, Talip 2010
ZUSAMMENFASSUNG übersetzt aus folgender Sprache: Deutsch
Rotary piston machine, wherein in a housing associated rotating pistons are each provided with a shaft disposed in the same rotational direction, the piston having a housing wall portion form a working chamber which is another enlarged and made smaller by a relative movement of the piston and which has inlet and outlet openings, wherein movement of the shaft to a working shaft can be transmitted, or vice versa,

Rotary piston internal combustion engine
EP 0897458 B1

Hua Miao, Ke Jian Shang 1996
ZUSAMMENFASSUNG (Text aus WO1997042398A1)
The invention concerns a rotary piston internal combustion engine comprising a substantially circular-cylindrical compression space (3) and a substantially circular-cylindrical working space (4), rotary pistons (7, 8), which can rotate together about an axis of the compression space (3) and the working space (4), being disposed in the compression space (3) and the working space (4).

Rotary engine with dual spark plugs and fuel injectors
US 5022366 A

A stratified charge rotary combustion engine includes a main fuel injector, a pair of spark plugs and a piot fuel injector. The first spark plug is located upstream of the pilot fuel injector. The second spark plug is located upstream of the main fuel injector and is located upstream of the center of the top-dead-center region of the housing.
John Abraham, Frediano V. Bracco 1989
John Deere Technologies International, Inc.

Charging quantities-control system for rotarypiston-combustion engine, has inlet chamber and combustion chamber, where inlet chamber and compression chamber are arranged on side of partition wall
DE 102010005614 A1

Klaus Bruchner 2010
The charging quantities-control system has an inlet chamber (6) and a combustion chamber (8), where the inlet chamber and the compression chamber are arranged on a side of a partition wall (4). A short circuit (25) is arranged in an outer housing (1.4) in the area of the inlet- and compression chambers. The short circuit is movable in guides and is installed in the outer housing in a pivoted manner.

Rotary piston engine
US 4032268 A

Felix Wankel 1974
A rotary piston engine is provided which is suitable for working or conveying media in the form of hot deposit-forming gases or vapors. The engine comprises a housing and a rotor mounted rotatably within the housing. The clearance between the rotor and the housing increases as the engine temperature decreases and decreases as the engine temperature increases. This can be achieved by making the rotor of a material having a higher coefficient of expansion than the material of the housing, and/or by cooling the rotor to a lesser extent than the housing

Rotary piston engine
US 3707073 A

Robert J Bernstein 1970
This disclosure relates to an internal combustion engine that uses a rotary pistonfor overcoming the disadvantages of currently available engines. The disclosedengine is simple, and may be used in a multi-cylinder arrangement for increased power production.

Supercharged rotary piston engine
US 5138994 A

Laszlo Maday 1987
A supercharged rotary piston engine, which comprises a cylinder (1) with fluid conducting inlet and outlet channels (15, 16); an inner chamber (2) of the cylinder being ring-shaped. The inner chamber includes a supercharging section (10), a working stroke section (11) and an exhaust section (12). A main shaft (5) is rotatably positioned in the cylinder, and a rotary piston (3) in the inner chamber (2) is mounted coaxially with the main shaft (5) and is connected to and rotatable together with the main shaft (5) for driving the shaf

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