Das einzige Mini Snowboard, das es in Deutschland noch zu kaufen gibt, sind Restbestände aus der Rossignol Serie
The Mini
Die Snowboards kann man aus England liefern lassen für 108 Euro plus 24 Euro Versand

Gebraucht habe ich noch keine günstigen Mini Snowboards gesehen

New ROSSIGNOL THE MINI 121cm Freestyle Snowboard For Adults

The Mini Mini-Snowboards unter ebayNew ROSSIGNOL THE MINI 121cm Freestyle Snowboard For Adults


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This Rossignol The Mini Snowboard is both extremely well built and very versatile. The radial sidecut design ensures for a smooth and stable ride in even the roughest of terrains. The sturdy core construction was definitely built to last. It can take just about any thing you can throw at it. The twin style design is extremely stylish and sleek and will have you looking cool as you glide down the slopes. It''s also very affordable!


We all like small things. Croutons, baby chickens, and the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" movie re-runs on ABC. Rossignol has shrank down their quality and style into the The Mini Snowboard. Super fun for grinding rails, this little snapper is almost kid's size and legit for progressing to new tricks. Are you a little sketched to try out that front flip for the first time? The Mini is perfect for trying out big, new tricks because its tiny and easy to maneuver. With an all wood core and Rossignol's multi-layered base finish, this is a good time that will last. Shrink down the board and amp up your skills, try the Rossignol The Mini Snowboard.

Style: Twin
Core: Wood 5620
Flex rating: 5/10
This board is a good mix of flexibility and stiffness, meaning this snowboard is sturdy enough to cut through tough conditions. Yet, it's also flexible enough to pull big grabs on the half pipe. Yeah, we love this feel as well.


BASE TYPE Sintered
CONSTRUCTION TYPE Sandwich Construction with Sidewalls
CORE TYPE Full Wood Core
RECOMMENDED USE Freestyle / Park
WAIST 250mm (121cm)

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